Rolling Stone “Star Wars Goes On Vacation” photo shoot promoting “Return Of The Jedi” in 1983.


cute rocks


Happy birthday, nosebleed.

don’t ask me why i drew this, or why i ship this - ‘cause i don’t know man, it just happens. i get anxiety attacks if i play a game without shipping something. and i don’t care that this is the TES sweetroll instead of the FO one. there can be only one, true sweetroll, bethesda. 

edit: made butch’s skin- and haircolour slightly darker (: it messed up my colours though *sigh*

timetoggle asked:
Draw Danny devito as a kitty



generala asked:

tand - R.E.M.
in’t No Rest For The Wicked - Cage the Elephant
arch at Dawn - Goddamn Electric Bill
ccentuate the Positive - Aretha Franklin
o Children - The Mountain Goats
equila Sunrise - Cypress Hill
appy Hour - The House Martins
ll My Best Friends Are Metalheads - Less Than Jake


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"The light was so dim that Jaime could scarcely see her, though they stood a scant few feet apart. ‘In this light she could almost be a beauty’, he thought. ‘In this light she could almost be a knight’."—A Storm of Swords (for diet-ragles​)

Spirited Away | Rain