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asoiaf pick up lines

“are you the red wedding because after i saw you i needed a 1-2 day recovery period before resuming the rest of my life”


shout out to everyone who hasn’t read the a song of ice and fire books before watching the show, game of thrones i hope u like weddings this is a present for u


the battle for castle black


“Maester,” he said, shaking him gently by one shoulder. “Maester Aemon, wake up.”
Aemon’s blind white eyes came open. “Egg?” he said, as the rain streamed down his cheeks. “Egg, I dreamed that I was old.” 

GOT meme | seven quotes (1/7) | maester aemon and sam excerpt from affc


GOT Meme: Five Houses ➝ House Baratheon [3/5]



Yeah, that’s cool

Love Arya for acting like a boy

Hate Sansa for acting like a girl

Then try to explain to me how you aren’t being sexist

Stannis gems from the Wall


Janos Slynt:  May I congratulate you on your victory over the savages. The singers will make much of it, I know -

Stannis Baratheon: The singers may do as they like. Spare me your fawning, Janos, it will not serve you.


Bowen Marsh:  Sire, no one has achieved two-thirds of the vote yet. It has only been ten days. 

Stannis Baratheon: Nine days too long. 


Bowen Marsh: Who better to command the black cloaks than a man who once commanded the gold, sire.  

Stannis Baratheon: Any of you, I would think. Even the cook.


Maester Aemon: Your Grace,before we go, I wonder if you would do us the great honor of showing us this wondrous blade we have all heard so very much of.

Stannis Baratheon: You want to see lightbringer? A blind man?


Stannis Baratheon: You are not the sort of son I would expect such a man to have

Samwell Tarly: I am not the sort of son he wanted, sire. 

Stannis Baratheon: If you had not taken the black, you would make a useful hostage.

Shireen Baratheon & Devan Seaworth


sup julius caeser

so much b&g potential with his roy bland scenes

๑ game of thrones meme » six locations [bear island] {5/6}
“My home… Bear Island is beautiful, but remote. Imagine old gnarled oaks and tall pines, flowering thorn bushes, grey stones bearded with moss, little creeks running icy down steep hillsides. The hall of Mormonts is built of huge logs and surrounded by an earthen palisade. Aside from a few crofters, my people live along the coasts and fish the seas. The island lies far to the north, and our winters are more terrible than you can imagine.” 

๑ game of thrones meme » six locations [the great grass sea] {1/6}
“You ought to see it when it blooms, all dark red flowers from horizon to horizon, like a sea of blood. Come the dry season, and the world turns the colour of old bronze. And this is only hranna, child. There are a hundred kinds of grass out there, grasses as yellow as lemon and as dark as indigo, blue grasses and orange grasses and grasses like rainbows. Down in the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai, they say there are oceans of ghost grass, taller than a man on horseback with stalks as pale as milkglass. It murders all other grass and glows in the dark with the spirits of the damned. The Dothraki claim that someday ghost grass will cover the entire world, and then all life will end.”


Brienne is one of my favorites yet I still hadn’t drawn her yet. Since I finally started reading A Feast for Crows and she has her own chapters now, I felt compelled to right that wrong.

I have read a dance of dragons.



I still hate Theon.

all the gold stars to Ramsay.


2. It is totally fine with me if you hate Theon. But why exactly is torture, mutilation, brainwashing and sexual abuse a cheer-worthy treatment?

3. Does Ramsay also get gold stars for 

  • burning down Winterfell?
  • raping Lady Hornwood and having her starve to death?
  • raping and beating a 13-year old girl?
  • in general raping, flaying and killing countless women?
  • and flaying countless men?